This new blog is only under construction, but the old blog has now officially “gone to the birds.”

alphabible.wordpress.com will remain the umbrella, covering transliteration-translation.

electrobible.wordpress.com will soon be absorbing the Electronic Editors Version (eev).

twitterate.wordpress.com has just become the home for the Twitteration Version (twv).

u247365.wordpress.com (here) will connect bands, churches and people by location.

Submissions for the EEV remain by the chapter, and will remain open to everyone.

Submissions are also now open for TWV, by the verse, and are seeded for the EEV.

This worship section is intended for online interactions, and local connections.

For more info on this new flavor see Haute Butterpop or Naught Even Welcome

(worship site section, first created on 2013/02/04)

(this temp About page first created 2013/02/08)

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